RANZSE Overview      Applications for 2020 have closed. 

Details for Exchange 2021 are available.

The Rotary Australia and New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE) program is run by some forward thinking Rotary Districts in Australia and all districts in New Zealand. It is designed for 14 to 16 year old students to experience a true “exchange” with a family in the other country. In 2021 Australian students arrive in New Zealand and attend school with their matched student during Term 2. Both students return to Australia at the end of June and attend the Australian student’s school during Term 3. Each year it alternates as which country goes first. In 2021 we are hoping that there will be 40 students from Australia and New Zealand involved in the program. In the past 10 years, more than 1650 students have participated in this life-changing experience.

One of the aims of Rotary International throughout the world is to bring about a better understanding between people. How better can this be done than through Youth Exchanges where each student has an opportunity to experience another country’s way of life, the people, their outlook and beliefs.  Much as there is a need for this among people of different nationalities, there is a growing importance for Australians and New Zealanders to understand one another better. Student Exchanges are one of the best ways to help achieve this and also develop lifelong friendships between individual students, families and the people they meet during the exchange.

Students are matched, where possible, with students of similar interests in the other country. The costs of the exchange are mainly covered by the participating families. This is typically between $A4,500 and $A5,000 (depending on the rate of exchange in each country), covering costs such as air travel, passport, weekend camp, a week-long Safari in either Australia or New Zealand for the visiting student as well as spending money.

The sponsoring Rotary Clubs in Australia provide a Councillor for both the outbound and inbound student and also supply a Student Exchange uniform for the outbound students. Club sponsorship is $500 per student