How will I know what to do?

Rotary provides a thorough and comprehensive briefing to students, parents and councillors which covers a wide range of topics.

Rotary provides a strong support network in both Australia and New Zealand for the students and families.

Can I play sport?

Certainly, we encourage our exchange students to participate in sporting activities whilst in their host country. It’s a great way to meet new friends.

Am I able to continue my education in my hosting country?

Yes, you can! You can even bring work from your own school if you are studying a specialist subject.

If selected on the exchange program, talk to your teachers about the work you might need to do while away.

Talk with your host family about the school you will be attending.

How long is the exchange ?

The exchange is for approximately 6 months in total. That will be one school term in New Zealand (3 months) then after returning home with your match another school term back in Australia (3 months) before your Kiwi friend returns home.